Spring Has Sprung!!!

We’re over the hump of 4th grade!  How do you feel that the year’s end is coming up?  Are you excited for 5th grade, nervous, both?  Tell us what you think???


So….what do you think about the snow?  What did you do before, during and after the blizzard?

The holidays are here!


What is your favorite part of the holiday season?  Is it family, friends, gifts, what?

Thanksgiving is near…

turkey comic by jelene.

This turkey is thankful that there’s beef! What or who are you thankful for at home, school, or anywhere else???


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Do you celebrate Halloween?  What do you do?  What is the best costume that you’ve ever seen?

4th Grade…Steppin’ It Up!!!

Back to School!






Think about your upcoming year in 4th grade.  You will find it is quite different from 3rd grade.  What are your feelings?  What are your expectations?  What is the one activity or subject you can’t wait to do this year?  We will have a great year in 4th grade together!